What case files or events should be used in the course? Some of these will be used as potential paper topics, and we want to appeal to CJ, FS, and EM students. Others may be used for reading or our version of "Take a Break." To contribute/share, please click the EDIT tab in the upper-right. Thanks!

Noah:This is an assortment of potential cases/databases that could be used
  • MOVE bombing in Philadephia (extemist group from the 70s) NPR: 20 Year Retrospective
  • Cold cases in Iowa--Includes Crimal and Arson. You can view by date, which allows cases as old as the 19th Century Iowa Cold Cases
  • Relatively recent case file from the above, but it's a Jane Doe (I'm thinking we can consider these as possible topics or even a case file). The clippings, images, and map make this very 'real' Baby Jane (Doe) Lincoln

Erica -- Duracell has a campaign on Those Who Protect Us.

This is the first video, but there are a lot of others. We might want to consider using the firefighters talking about their jobs in a take a break type thing on jobs.

Tara Jill

I posted links to the website 360 Degrees in the "Discussion" section of this wiki, but there are some interesting case studies there that are accompanied by testimonials from various people involved, links to articles about the cases, photographs, and interactive resources. These case studies are not "cold cases" but they do invite discussion of multiple perspectives.

Also, Virtual Museum has a terrific database about Forensic Science as well as an Interactive Game that instructs users

to investigate all 3 areas of the crime scene: * The place of entry * The place of struggle * The crime scene Your mission is to discover 4 clues per area, for a total of 12 clues. This is easily done by rolling your mouse over the crime scene picture. In the bottom left display bar of your navigator, a caption will appear every time you hit on a clue.

This could be used for the version of "Take A Break" or for discussion prompts too.

The Virtual Museum is Canadian, and I am not sure if it is appropriate. It's described as "... joint effort between several different partners who collaborated closely in order to offer the most accurate information on the subject of forensic science. These partners include: the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN), the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Carleton University in Ottawa, the Musée de la Civilisation in Québec City, the Musée de la Police de Montréal et de I'Île Bizard, the Laboratoire de sciences judiciaires et de médecine légale in Montreal, the Vancouver Police Centennial Museum as well as the Vancouver Police Department."

I do like the interactive game.

Take a Break! Ideas:

I. New Technology in Firefighting:

“Thermal Imaging Demonstration, New York State OFPC”


“High Expansion Foam Training


II. New Technology in Criminal Justice:

“Automatic license plate recognition”


“A new tool in the fight against gun crime”


III. Misc.

“FBI Working Dogs”


“Matt puts on his firefighter gear in a minute.”


Ann Reich
May 2011