Here are some considerations as we design. There are a lot of theories on motivating adults, adult learning styles, retention, etc.

Kellar's ACRS model'

SloanC Five Pillars

This is a very inspirational article; I used it in the following presentations.

Another good one on error types---what we can "let go" in the classroom/what we point out:

Ann Reich

Here is my PowerPoint on Coping with Online Errors in the Classroom; I reprised this in a CTL presentation in May 2011, too. Ann Reich

Ann White

I invite you to view this video presented by the Commonwealth Club of California, featuring author David Shenk. Shenk distillates some of the findings and thoughts in his book, The Genius in All of Us. I see it as relating to motivation for those students who come to Kaplan as adult learners (most of them), and whose level of confidence may be at an ebb. Shenk's message is that we are not set in genetic concrete as far as our abilities, and external influences can affect our abilities. This is a message that educators need to hear, in my mind.

Please be patient with the non-commercial interruptions. The video is worth it!

Ann White

I plan to present a CTL workshop in June that in part presents the MERLOT resource to Kaplan online educators. Here is the Merlot website if you would like to take a look. This has been around for a number of years. I was introduced to it during a training for online educators in 2006. It's a repository of learning materials designed by online faculty for use by online faculty.