Readings for the class can include pages/sections from Hacker, a link to articles or sites, or files from the KU library can be shared. Please click the EDIT tab to share.


Ann White
This academic site has updated information regarding learning strategies for online learning. Topics include motivation, metacognition, attrition, retention, etc. This would benefit faculty.

Also, I have referred students to for examples of actual debates on timely issues:

I have loads of student resources but I'd rather wait until we have a more specialized call for resources.

I think we need to use PICJ in this class. It's a great resource and it is one that students can easily navigate. Plus, students can see what their instructors are researching and see what current trends are. daily Crime Digest is something I link to my students' topic blog. This is also a great, easy to use resource.

Here is the blog I use:

Here is the Diigo link I have for students:

Tara Jill=

I found a good resource in the CQ Researcher database in the Kaplan Library that could make for a nice reading assignment/discussion prompt early on. It's in the Pro and Con section and asks "Are criminal profiles a reliable way to find serial killers?"==

Glazer, S. (2003, October 31). Serial killers. CQ Researcher, 13, 917-940. Retrieved from

This could be a reading assignment for the Unit 2 DB (as opposed to the article about terrorism) and then they can choose one of the topics like "Missing Kids Scare." This could connect to CLA 2 Use appropriate documentation as required because they could and take a side and find 4 academic sources and write a response, or it could relate to CLA 1 and they could just write a response to it. I am attaching the PDF version of the article here.

~Tara Jill

Here is a zip file of various articles from 2000 to 2011 that can be used in many places in 103 or 223, not just for the Summary project proposal I submitted. Ann Reich

"The Bright Side of Wrong": working with human error
by Kathryn Shultz