Specific Tutorials & Tutorial Ideas

Noah: Here is a flash-based tool I created for the Provost several year ago. It's a bit dated, but I'm wondering if we could build something similar for APA formatting and documentation?
What Every Student Must Know About Plagiarism

I did an APA presentation for Kaplan. Here are all the documents for APA 6th Edition. I use templates in my class. Once we have the projects down, I can make APA templates for each project

Grammar Documents

Basic Writing Documents

I have attached a few docs that I worked up to illustrate prewriting techniques and bare-bones essay structure: Essay As Stick Figure, Prewriting Types, Sample of Clustering Style

Also, here are some "Take a Break" video ideas.
Ann Reich


Tara Jill:

Hi Everyone,

Here are some tutorials for Doc Sharing. I ask my students to give me the permalink to the articles from the Kaplan Library, so it is easier to find their references and help them with the citations. Even though APA 6th Edition does not direct them to include the permalink, I include the second tutorial for students who want me to be able to easily access their article if there is no DOI assigned.